Work Related Stress Survey

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Living or working under stress is not good for your health. Sometimes we know what is causing the stress and sometimes things can creep up on us when we are not expecting it. However, it is worth checking how you feel from time to time to make sure that your stress levels are not excessively high and therefore a risk to your health.

If you would like to find out your stress score, complete the survey below. When you press submit, your stress score will be shown together with an explanation.

The information collected in this survey will primarily be used to understand the level of stress experienced by individuals at work and home. However, if you wish to give us your name and would like us to contact you, please tell us and we will come back to you. You can do this as part of the survey, or when you have got your score.

Please complete all the questions to get an accurate score.

All responses are treated In Strictest Confidence

At Work

1. I have clear targets  
2. I can achieve what I need to without feeling overloaded  
3. Other people value the job I do  
4. I have problems communicating with people  
5. I am critical of the ways others work  
6. I get irritable with others  
7. My job is boring  
8. I dread going to work  
9. I feel isolated  
10. I am happy to go to work  
11. I take my full holiday entitlement  
12. I am given supportive feedback on the work I do  

At Home

1. I take care about my appearance  
2. I have difficulty waking in the morning  
3. I feel in control  
4. I am anxious  
5. I suffer from loss of concentration  
6. I get headaches  
7. I feel ill  
8. I spend time on hobbies  
9. I get regular exercise  
10. I take work home with me  
11. My family/friends are willing to listen to my work-related problems  
12. I have clear goals about what I want to get out of my life  

When you press submit below, your stress score will be shown together with an explanation.

Optional Questions

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