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Experiential Corporate Team Building Activities

Looking for some new team building ideas and activities? JamBerry offer theatre, cooking, music, digital treasure hunts and a host of other activities. Build your employee engagement by exploring communications or developing storytelling. Ideal for getting to know you, for energisers, ice breakers or longer team events.

Why JamBerry?

Because we fully understand the needs of modern business as well as the best methods of delivering effective training. We adopt a highly interactive style to ensure that all attendees are active participants and ensure that every aspect of our training is relevant, realistic and practical.

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Based in Sussex, we organise team events, activities and days across the UK and Europe and particularly in East and West Sussex, London, Kent, and Hampshire. We can help you to find suitable venues, from conference suites to theatres. Tell us the objectives for your event, the number of people and the length of time you have allocated and any budget restrictions and we will create a suitable event for you.


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Using Experiential Team Building Activities

to Develop High Performing Teams


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At JamBerry we tailor our courses to suit you. If you are interested in finding out more about the services that we can offer please either contact us directly to find out more.


The success of every organisation depends on the effectiveness of teamwork.  While we wouldn't think twice about monitoring sales, production or customer satisfaction, we are less inclined to analyse how well we operate as a team. Yet, the way in which we set goals, communicate, plan tasks, cooperate, and solve problems are all reflected in our ability to work as a team. 

Our team building activities are great for a wide variety of teams, from sales teams to finance teams and more. Check out the options below and find out more by clicking on the links.

You can call us now on 0800 840 2418, email us info@jamberry.co.uk (telling us which type of event you are interested in) or fill in the enquiry form. Tell us what you are looking to achieve, whether it is for "getting to know you" or "exploring change" or other issue. Let us know if you want a theme and we will do the rest.  Why not ask about our bespoke and deluxe versions?


corporate team building activities with drama

Theatre and Drama


corporate team building with cookery

team building with music activities for corporate teams



corporate team storytelling

Team Storytelling

Where's the theory?

For clients who want a little more meat to the day, we can back it up with good solid theory about  teamwork. Our Leadership and Team Development Workshops might include the 4 stages of team development: forming, storming, norming and performing. We can also add team and individual analysis through tools such as PRISM, Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) and Management Teams Relations Indicator (MTRI) and others.  This means that these workshops can be very versatile, meeting a wide range of needs from team members to team leaders.

corporate outdoor team building

Outdoor Challenges

"My team is growing, changing or simply looking for an event that will allow them to spend time together..."

"I'm looking for Team Building activities that are great for team bonding and team development, or an ice breaker or energiser for my conferences..."

"We are looking for a team building day which is fun and memorable and works with our employee engagement plans..."

corporate team building with cartoons

Cartoons,  Puppets and Animation

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team building helium stick

Indoor Olympics

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Reveal hidden talents and skills

Our experienced trainers can then highlight how the group operates while the team makes a camp, a culinary experience or creates their very own drama production with the help of professional actors  This naturally triggers discussion on how the group is interacting in a "real" setting and what is needed to help the group progress.  This provides a valuable opportunity to identify crucial skills, learn about the group and take that knowledge back to the workplace.



Based in East Sussex, near Eastbourne and Brighton, we can provide Team Building events across the UK and in Europe. We create team activities for corporate and public sector clients on a regular basis.

Time to celebrate?

Our team building activities are flexible and can be used not only for team bonding and building but also as a celebration experience, or as team ice breakers. We can also run team building workshops over the weekends if required.

To find out more call us now on 0800 840 2418 or 01424 576517 and ask for Teambuilding information pack, or email info@jamberry.co.uk




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