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10 Reasons for Using a Coach

Coaching will build your Personal Confidence and Self Esteem

Not always sure of yourself? Coaching will help you to build your personal confidence and self-esteem, become self-reliant, make you own decisions and not always need others to hold your hand.

  Coaching can seriously change your life

Because you will be making changes as a result of your Coaching session, some of these changes can make a big impact on the way you conduct your life at home or at work. And the good news is that you chose which changes to make and which to hold back on.

  Coaching puts you in control

A coach will never try to get you to do anything that you feel seriously uncomfortable about or are not yet ready to attempt. A coach will always push you hard to achieve, but will always work at your pace.

  Coaching enables you to control your environment

Many people turn to Coaching because they want to regain control of their lives or working environment. Coaching will help you to achieve that. By working through your problems and helping you to recognise your needs and your power to do something about them, you can achieve your goal of changing your environment for the better.

  Coaching concentrates on you

Because Coaching is usually a one-to-one activity the coach is spending all of her time helping you to move forward, not anyone else.

  Coaching helps you to stay committed

Because you want to achieve, you have commitment to a project or goal. Occasionally though your commitment slips. A coach can empower you, helping you to stay committed and see a project through to your end goal.

  Coaching concentrates on results and outcomes

By concentrating on results, a coach will help you towards your end goal one step at a time and help you to celebrate your wins on the way through.

  Coaching can help you achieve in every aspect of your life

Coaching is a holistic approach. By helping you to consider other aspects of your life and work, coaches can help you to achieve in all aspects not just one.

Coaching is a catalyst

Good coaches should act as a catalyst to help clients to achieve their goals.

  Coaching is based in the present and the future, not the past.

Coaching looks to the future and works with the client to move forward, whatever has happened in the past. Coaching is not counselling or therapy.

Where can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about how Coaching could help you either e-mail info@jamberry.co.uk  or call 0800 840 2418 or fill out an ENQUIRY form




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