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Where can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about how the Management Development Programmes could help you either e-mail info@jamberry.co.uk or call 0800 840 2418.

Why JamBerry?

Because we fully understand the needs of modern business as well as the best methods  of delivering effective training.

We adopt a highly interactive style to ensure  that all attendees are active participants and ensure that every aspect of our training is relevant, realistic and  practical.


Corporate Jigsaw - the Induction Programme

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The human tendency to regard little things as important has produced very many great things.
Georg Christoph Lichtenberg
(1742 - 1799)




Every organisation has its own unique culture or value set. Most organisations don't consciously try to create a certain culture. The culture of the organisation is typically created unconsciously, based on the values of the top management or the founders.

So how do you ensure that the culture of the organisation is passed on to your staff? Whilst some organisations allow the culture to permeate into their working lives by osmosis, many successful organisations take a deliberate decision to pass their culture on to their staff in a proactive way. This can include training, walking the talk and usually involves strong communication.

Corporate Jigsaw from JamBerry Ltd has been designed specifically to provide a proactive and interesting approach to understanding the core elements of any business.

Whether used as an induction tool for new staff or as a cultural review tool for existing staff, Corporate Jigsaw is tailored to each company's requirements and cultural values. The best learning is achieved through a fun and inclusive approach and the product ensures involvement from both the jigsaw builders and key staff responsible for core functions in the organisation.

See here to find out how the Jigsaw works

Corporate Jigsaw can be used to address issues including:

  • Establishing common and consistent goals

  • Organisational commitment

  • Role clarity among team members

  • Reinforcement of required behavioural competencies

In areas such as:

  • Induction programmes

  • Customer Service

  • Change Management Programmes

Specifically targeted at organisations employing between 50 and 200 employees Corporate Jigsaw is affordable, adaptable and great fun and results in increased knowledge and understanding creating a benefit for the individual and the business.

Why not call us today on 0800 840 2418 or email info@jamberry.co.uk and see the pieces come together!



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