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Management Development for Women

Develop the management skills of women in your workforce - and significantly improve your investment in your staff .

Where can I find out more?

If you want to find out more about how our Management Development Programmes could help you either e-mail info@jamberry.co.uk or call 0800 840 2418 for a full information pack.

Why JamBerry?

Because we fully understand the needs of modern business as well as the best methods  of delivering effective training.

We adopt a highly interactive style to ensure  that all attendees are active participants and ensure that every aspect of our training is relevant, realistic and  practical.


Elevate Management Development for Women Programme

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women making an impact

The cure for boredom is curiosity. There is no cure for curiosity.

Ellen Parr (1852-1919)

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Although women represent almost half the workforce, studies have revealed that they reach management positions in less than 64% of UK companies.  Baby breaks, the pressure of family commitments and the effects of part-time working can have a detrimental effect on career prospects and undermine confidence.  JamBerry's Elevate Management Development Programme for Women is designed to help female staff develop their potential and ensure that organisations reap the full benefit of investment in all their staff.

Breakdown barriers to progression

The working lives of women often take a very different pattern from their male counterparts.  Work is often interrupted, reorganised and restarted in order to accommodate the demands of family life.  Career development maybe slowed, confidence lost and not regained.  All of which can be a real barrier to progression and stop women from making a more powerful and productive contribution to an organisation.

Reduce the need for recruitment

The Elevate Management Development Programme for Women  is a highly effective combination of  workshops, coaching and self assessment which focuses on women in the workplace and their needs as managers.  By encouraging women to reach their potential, businesses can ensure a greater return on their investment in staff, improve retention and reduce the need for recruitment.     

Who would benefit from this training?

Women who have management potential, those new to management and those whose skills need developing further.

What does the programme cover?

The programme is wide ranging covering a number of key skills, with particular emphasis on dealing with issues that women face at work and at home.


  • Confident Communications

  • Making an Impact

  • Problem Solving Skills

  • Time and Stress Management

  • Managing People and Teams

  • Presentation Skills

  • The Importance of Networking

The Elevate Programme is supported by Coaching and Mentoring sessions at the beginning and end of the programme.

In addition, we encourage participants to complete learning diaries during the programme to assess how much they have gained from the programme.

Find out more about we can help

For a full information pack, email berry@jamberry.co.uk. Alternatively, to discover more about how your business can benefit from developing the management skills of women call 0800 840 2418 and talk to our experienced staff.

All JamBerry training can be adapted to your organisations particular needs.



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