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Dealing with Difficult Behaviour at Work

Learn how to deal with the difficult behaviour that you may experience at work. Use practical and proven strategies to deal with challenging situations. 


Dealing with Difficult Behaviour at Work

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 Dealing with Difficult Behaviour at Work



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"When eating an elephant take one bite at a time." Creighton Abrams

Where can I find out more?

Dealing with Difficult Behaviour can be run as a 1 day course or included as part of a longer  Management Development Programme.

To find out more either e-mail info@jamberry.co.uk or call 0800 840 2418 for a full information pack.


The Management Challenge


Dealing with Difficult Behaviour can be one of the main challenges as a manager. In all teams there will be a variety of characters, each with their good points and most with a few flaws. However, sometimes there are particular individuals who always seem to cause controversy with their behaviour and can sometimes interrupt the smooth working of a team.


What do we cover?


We have devised some powerful, practical and proven strategies to help you to deal with challenging situations and behaviours particularly in the workplace. Many of these strategies can be adapted to other situations. 


We believe it is important to concentrate on the behaviours not the people, because it is the behaviour we wish to address. On our Dealing with Difficult Behaviour course we explore a cast of characters which display a range of difficult behaviours.  In reality people will display a mix of these behaviours, and will move between them often quite quickly.


We also encourage you to review your own behaviour. Our own behaviour can influence others and sometimes we need to address this as well. Remember, behaviour breeds behaviour. Focusing on what we do and how we act will give us the biggest chance to change others behaviour.


Who is this course for?


Our 1 day course is ideal for new managers and those that have been managing for a while.


If you would like to find out more about our Dealing with Difficult Behaviours course, please contact us on 0800 840 2418 or email info@jamberry.co.uk


This course can also be linked to other workshops such as our Customer Service workshop, Training with Drama or as part of one of our longer management programmes.


Why JamBerry?

Because we fully understand the needs of modern business as well as the best methods  of delivering effective training.

We adopt a highly interactive style to ensure  that all attendees are active participants and ensure that every aspect of our training is relevant, realistic and  practical.





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